I am very excited to share my news of my ⭐️MAGIC OAT MIX ⭐️which is launched a few days ago?…I grow up with the power of oats and had the idea to create my own mix – that you have the chance to have the same lovely experience I have on a daily basis!

I want to be a little different to the ones which you can buy in the supermarket !

All the packaging /label/logo I done myself and I am proud of my end product which is presented in a paper standup pouch or you have the option of a glass jar⭐️
So all is thought through and I am confident that you will like it as well.

I am very happy with the feedback I already got .

Inside my parcel each pouch get a personal note and one thing I can tell you…

It’s made with LOVE❤️





Everybody is talking about superfood – you need these to get healthy or buy this green powder /supplement to optimise your daily food intake !!!
It’s more about marketing and very expensive to fall in this TRAP!

The BREAKFAST is the foundation of your day and very important please don’t skip it.

As a trainer I need a lot of energy to be active training my clients on a daily basis.

My every day breakfast is OATS which I call SUPERFOOD as it’s packed with nutrition /antioxidants and has so many more benefits.
I mix it with fruits of the season mixed seeds & nuts, yoghurt (Greek or soya) milk (coconut, soya, almond, cow) that’s it.

I keep it very simple and the bowl with my oats in the morning it’s filling too.

The oats are so old and at the end the best you have as your breakfast choice so ?